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Freeformers alumni come out on top at Facebook’s World Hack in London

21 September 2012

Freeformers Gintare Zitkeviciute and Aleksandr Pasevin win the best Facebook Open Graph App Award for Quote Melody app. The Hackathon attracted over 150 hackers – most of which were professional developers – to mark the opening of Facebook’s London office.

From attending a Freeformers Tech Jam just two months ago, where they learnt how to remix code and built an app in a day, both Gintare and Aleksandr are now excited about their first big success. 

Gintare: “The turn-out was impressive. Appsjunction Founder and Community Rep, Navin Arora, said in a recent post that the event was oversubscribed and attracted the best of Facebook developer talent around in London.

“It started at around 9am with presentations about Facebook’s API, OpenGraph and some samples. Then the event’s sponsors Twilio, Pusher and Deezer show-cased their APIs which provided some really good ammunition to the various hacking ideas floating around.

“After seven hours of coding, 34 teams had two minutes to introduce their idea and surprise the audience. I am so excited that Quote Melody came out on top.”

Aleksandr: “Inspiration for Quote Melody came from quote posters on the wall at Facebook’s office. The app itself lets the user create a playlist based on a quote he or she loves. Using Tumblr, Quote Melody pulls quotes with tags, based on that tag it creates a playlist from Deezer. Each picture and quote has its own playlist. A user can fire Inspiring, Funny and Bleh Facebook actions to his ticker and share quote/picture with playlist.

“Quote Melody also has a user profile with your favourite quotes from Facebook. Each user can collect his favourite quotes and pictures and get playlists or share his own quote and picture to the app. We are finishing the app at the moment and it will be released soon!”

About Aleksandr Pasevin

Aleksandr Pasevin (27 years old) is a creative “free formed” web designer and a self-confessed digital geek. He had no experience of coding until he took part in a Freeformers Tech Jam where he built an app in a day. He previously worked in a classic digital agency, working on creative design projects for ITN, Bentley and Sky, but never had the chance to build the code for his creations. He now combines his technical and creative skills to produce cutting edge apps that are highly user centric and friendly.

Aleksandr is in the process of setting up a start-up called Art Pit with fellow Freeformers and working on creative design projects for apps.

About Gintare Zitkeviciute

Gintare Zitkeviciute (25 years old) started out working on international creative projects closely collaborating with artists and local communities. With no previous experience in coding, Gintare signed up for a Freeformers Tech Jam in August 2012 where she built her first app. In just two months she is working for Freeformers, as well as a number of related organisations in both the UK and US. She is also in the process of setting up a start-up called Art Pit with fellow Freeformers.

She believes that the Freeformers focus on creativity, fast decision making and empowering individuals is the key to her rapid success.